The Importance Of Disparities In Education

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America is known to be the land of the free, where equal opportunities are promoted as the ultimate symbolic of such ideology. This is a place where race, ethnicity, class, or gender should not be the determining factor for the eligibility for needed resources. The place where anyone, including minorities can come and live the “American Dream”. Therefore, society as a whole must take a stand to rid our nation of the inequitable educational opportunities that plague poor, disinvested, disadvantage communities, because it is unjust.
Although there are multiple reasons why disparities in educational opportunities exist, the one key factor that must be addressed is due to personal biases, propaganda, and political games by our government. Every year we watch as funding for schools in impoverished communities are cut drastically. This results in loss of needed programs, services, and the hiring of incompetent qualified teachers. However, in higher level income areas, such as the suburbs, funding is not an issue; which shows the role that class play in the
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It will increase individuals’ knowledge, self-sufficiency, and financial stability; while at the same time reducing dropout rates, crime, and unemployment. Therefore, equal educational opportunities will not only benefit students, it will also benefit society as a whole. Until a quality education becomes equally accessible to every member of society, we have to continue to practice the National Association of Social Workers core value of social justice. This is where we fight for social change on behalf of those who are discriminated against, oppressed, marginalized due to injustices. We must continue to be the voice for the vulnerable population that experience injustice of any kind. Therefore, we must expose and challenge the injustice in inequitable educational opportunities because as social workers we are ethically bound to do

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