Whiteness In Education

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Throughout history, the hunger for dominance has defined America. From taking native americans ' land to slavery to Japanese internment, patterns of oppression have defined American history and have been carried through today as racism has been imbedded into American culture. As the ideology of whiteness is practiced in American society, white supremacy has led to the oppression of those who are not considered white, especially Mexican immigrants, and has disadvantaged non-whites in almost all aspects of American life, including education, labor, and the protection.

The white race, defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as "[having] light-colored skin and [coming] originally from Europe," has developed the "ideology of whiteness as a social
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Unable to afford private schools or the commute to a higher income community school, they suffer a lack of decent school resources and good teachers. With innumerable obstacles in their way, Mexican immigrant students ' education is inhibited and as education level increases, many are ultimately pushed out of education altogether. Conversely, white advantaged students have the opportunity to attend almost any school they want. They have access to good school resources, good teachers, innumerable extra curricular activities to participate in, and much more. Many may argue that the difference between white and Mexican success in education is caused by either a genetic deficit, saying that explains that Mexicans are genetically programmed to be dumb; cultural deficit, claiming that Mexican culture does not value education; or a community deficit, blaming the low income communities, often ridden with gangs, drugs, and violence, for not valuing education. These theories, of course, are false. The real reason students attending schools in low income areas are unsuccessful, is because of the lack of funding their schools receive. While the government sees these schools filled with people they believe to be inferior, funding goes toward predominantly white schools who they believe have …show more content…
This is because most American employers see immigrants as easy to exploit and only good for blue collar jobs. Immigrants must resort to working in informal jobs where employers can easily pay them less than minimum wage, since they are undocumented, desperate for work, and cannot complain to anyone. Many immigrant women turn to the garment industry where "[the] informalization of the Los Angeles garment industry is in part the result of the specific characteristics of the immigrants employed by the industry" (Sarmiento, 1996, p. 37). Defining the garment industry 's informality, immigration workers are paid about nine cents for every shirt made. Moreover, many immigrant men seek jobs as lawn mowers, in factories, etc. where they face the same poor treatment. There is an incredible contrast between immigrants ' informal jobs and whites ' infinite number of job opportunities. Whites expect better wages and better treatment wherever they work. Also, as a result of their higher educational opportunities, white Americans are able to find careers that they are happy doing, where they get treated well, and are paid a decent salary. These are luxuries that almost all immigrants do not

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