The Importance Of Caesarean Births

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In a human’s life there are important milestones that we all go through such as: marriage, graduating from college, being independent and most importantly giving birth. Delivering a baby is definitely something monumental in a woman’s life because only they can experience the pain and difficulty it took in pushing out that baby. But for some women they tend to try and avoid as much pain as possible and opt for the C-section route vs the natural delivery route. In the past C-sections were not very common but from 2000 to 2007 there has been an increase. According to the article Caesarean Births are at a High in the U.S. “C-sections in the U.S. have reached 32% in 2007, the highest rate ever and has become a common practice in American hospitals. …show more content…
Firstly repeated C-sections may make it more difficult to have many kids. This means that if you plan on having a large family then you should probably think twice about having C-sections if not necessary. Secondly there is a possibility that the uterus may rupture in the next pregnancy. If this happens it can cause life-threatening results for the mom and infant, and happens most often at the site of a previous C-section incision. Though this particular complication is rare it can happen during pregnancy. Thirdly abnormalities in the placenta can cause hemorrhaging in a later pregnancy. A hemorrhage in itself is very dangerous but including an infant’s life it becomes more complicated. All of these risks should definitely be discussed with mothers who decide to do C-sections for convenience because the risks far outweigh the pros which aren’t much. In the article Rethinking Term Pregnancy they define “term pregnancy” as a pregnancy that lasts from 37 to 42 weeks. But due to a misunderstanding between doctors and pregnant women about the word “term” it has since evolved into something more specific and easier to understand. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists then decided to publish four definitions of “term” deliveries which are early term, full term, late term, and post- term. Out of all the terms full term is the best and most beneficial for the baby. They say that by 39 weeks and 40 weeks a baby’s lungs and brain have fully matured and have a better health outcome. In conclusion we have come a long way from performing C-sections simply because it was needed to save the mother/child from death to doing it due to external influences such as liability issues or based on having a baby during an appropriate time. But though the reasons have changed the risks stay the same and it is important for every mother to know what they are getting into

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