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The purpose of this ethnographic research project is to document and recognize the beliefs and attitudes people in our society have towards midwifery and hospital births. This experiment will try to answer what may be a definition and views of midwifery to the average citizen using a questionnaire. It will also include research on the benefits and disadvantages of choosing between midwifery and a hospital birth. The research hypothesis is that people today tend to disagree with the work of midwifery because of the popularity and modernization of using hospitals to give birth in. Before making this decision, it is important to know what kind of practitioner will be beneficial to the baby and the mother; this will depend on the parent’s previous …show more content…
According to Baby Friendly Hospital Practices, women who had a cesarean section experienced significant delay in initiating breastfeeding compared with women giving birth vaginally (Heather Murray, 2002). Breastfeeding helps mothers against postpartum depression, high blood pressure and heart disease. Looking into the recent trends in cesarean delivery in the United States, cesarean rates rose for women in all racial and ethnic groups from 1996 (20%) to 2007 (35%). In addition to health and safety risks of choosing a C-section, hospital charges for a cesarean delivery are almost double the cost than a vaginal delivery (Fay Menacker, 2010). Moving away from more natural births, which allow the body to create its own oxytocin instead of applying syntocinon, other drugs and surgeries may prove damaging to the mother and baby. This modernization to reduce pain and stress seems to be detrimental to a natural process that midwifes seem to understand. Menacker estimated that a cesarean might cost around fifteen thousand while a vaginal birth cost nine thousand. According to a large prospective study in North America, the vaginal birth in a hospital in the United States cost on average three times as much as a similar birth at home with a midwife. Which means that midwifes are able to achieve good outcomes among low risk women for a cost of around three thousand

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