The Importance Of Decisions In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

In the novel Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley 1818 text you will divulge yourself in the creature’s ability to make choices. The creature demonstrates throughout the book his ability for thought process and make decisions. Throughout the book you see the creatures intelligent increased exponentially. The creature showed ample ability to make his own decisions throughout book. The creature faces many diversities throughout the book. ‘Monster! Ugly wretch! You wish to eat me, tear me up to Pieces-You are an ogre… Hideous monster! Let me go;’ (Shelly 117) In this quote you see that the monster doesn’t get a positive response from the boy who he had ended up murdering because he was William, Frankenstein’s little brother. The first thing William said to the monster was negative Frankenstein always being hurt by villagers with cruel things would set someone of the edge to do something they may or may not regret. Another instance is when the creature was trying to save the young girl from the river and he was shot at. The creature had no time to explain what he was doing the just took it as the worst possible reason for him be out …show more content…
He made the decision himself to kill her. You could make the argument that if Victor would have been there for him he would have developed and became a better person or creature over all. The creature’s loneliness overwhelmed him making believe that killing her was the only option to get his love. He was making as what he thought was an educated choice to kill Elizabeth. He thinks things through you can see this through the book. Frankenstein first impression on the creature may have been a negative impact causing or altering his thoughts about Frankenstein’s family. He might have in the long run just wanted a family really bad and the only man that could give him one he was killing his family so that he could get Frankenstein to create him a female

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