Essay The Importance Of Cultural Diversity For Company Success

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(understands the importance of being honest, ethical and fair) and diversity (understand the importance of cultural diversity for company success). (Adidas Careers, 2015)
Corporate Governance and Risk Management
Adidas, being a multi-national enterprise contributes decently towards the global economy and society. They are aware of the laws, rules and regulations (formal institution) in addition to putting efforts to become a globally socially responsible firm. A group named Social and Environmental Affairs (SEA) is part of their sustainability efforts. Adidas has built a risk management framework and the SEA group which enhances their environment to conduct business. The group is a team consisting of persons from various functions like, engineers, environmental reviewers, human resource managers, and few former members of non-governmental groups. The team is organized into three groups spanning Asia, America and Europe and Middle East and Africa. (Adidas3, 2015). The team members are spread out across the world, which is a much needed mix from across the world for diversity. This group discusses and take resolution for issues or initiates from across various parts of the world. They are familiar with their culture and are trained how to work in a diverse culture work environment. The group provides upper management with up to date information on all the activities and social and environmental issues from across all their business functions worldwide. The major functions of…

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