The Importance Of Critical Race Scholars Can Empower People Essay

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Fictional Yet Practical Case Study
It is vital to question how critical race scholars can empower people who do not have access to a higher education as a result of the systemic racial predispositions Blacks are placed in that scholars often discuss within CRT. Higher educational institutions are not readily available to a number of Black individuals who face harsher realities as a result of the racial biases set forth by institutions.

For instance, a 16 year old daughter of a Black Muslim (1) single mother who is on the brink of being convicted, (2) whose father has been sentenced to life for drug possession (3) who is forced to go to a school that does not have enough funding for credible teachers (4) who struggles to find beauty in her natural hair (5) who now also has lead poisoning from the only affordable apartment conveniently located in a poverty filled neighborhood (6) who has dropped out of school and applied to multiple jobs in order to help her mom make ends meet may never have a real shot at pursuing a higher education and eventually becoming informed of black feminine empowerment.

In an effort to clarify how systemic racism plays a large part in nearly every aspect of this young African American woman’s’ life, the summary of racial disparities below addresses how each struggle she is faced with is a result of institutionalized racism.
The term environmental racism, a movement aimed at representing low-income housing consisting mainly of minorities and…

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