The Importance Of Considerations For Diversity For Clinical Practice

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American Psychological Association [APA] (2010) emphasizes the importance of considerations for diversity in clinical practice. Their ethical standards note that assessing psychologist must use an instrument with established validity and reliability with members of the population the client belongs/identifies. Considering the fact that the population in this country (the US) is becoming more diverse than ever before (APA, 2003), it is critical that an assessment instrument to be the valid test for people from diverse ethnocultural background. Hays (2001) asserted considerations for the client’s ethnocultural and linguistic background as essential to the assessment process. People from various cultures express themselves differently. Various bio-psycho-social-spiritual factors influence cognition and individual expression (Hays, 2001; Akin & Turner; 2006). Therefore, in this increasingly diverse society, an assessment instrument which is able to accommodate variety of expression and understanding is useful. One of the advantages of the Rorschach is that it can be administered in any language. The items and questions need translations are not significant amount. Both within the US and around the world, psychologists have used the Rorschach with diverse populations and languages. The test has shown usefulness and versatility as well as applicability in various communities around the world (Viglione, 1999). The Rorschach is also relatively culture-free when it is applied to…

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