Conflict Resolution Essay

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Throughout psychology’s history there have been many different attempts to resolve conflicts which resulted in improvements and strides in conflicts resolution. From these improvements new techniques to resolve conflicts have been created or improved on such as learning how to listen to the conflict and know when to withdraw from a disagreement because it’s not worth ones time. Another technique that has arisen from conflict resolution is how to work with other individuals to reach one agreement leading to less hostility. To understand how conflict resolution works, one must define what conflict is and what it entails.
Conflict is defined as a disagreement, but contrary to popular belief conflict does not necessarily involve fighting.
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Mediation is defined as a process in which disputants attempt to resolve their differences with the assistance of a third party that they find acceptable (Coleman, 2014). This will become the beginning of resolving conflicts and learning how to work with each other. We would gain an increased sense of control over our own lives if more people understand conflict resolution techniques and the confidence to assume responsibility for the common good (Gahr, Mosca, & Sarsar, 1995). This is a crucial step in conflict resolution because to truly be able to prevent conflict, we need to understand each other and the reasons why we feel we are …show more content…
This is due to the fact that these parties see the conflicts in a different way and have nothing to gain from these conflicts so they can give their honest opinions free from any bias. The mediator provides the kind of facilitative third party intervention required to bridge the communications gap between the home and the adolescent’s developmental environments (Beck & Turk, 1998). Many times the third parties can mediate between children and their parents, teachers and peers to help create a system of communication to discuss the conflicts and finally obtain a resolution to it. One example of this communication system is when children get

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