The Importance Of Community Health Concerns In San Bernardino County

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Community Health Concerns in San Bernardino County
In San Bernardino County, California, the health disparities found among the various racial and ethnic groups are of significant concern. With the rate of newly diagnosed chronic conditions rising, and nearly 72% of the adults diagnosed as overweight or obese (California Pan-Ethnic Health Network, 2011-2012), a health assessment of the county will help to identify the issues influencing the health care choices and behaviors of this population. Taking a closer look at the demographics, ethnicity, and trends of this community are the first steps necessary to improve the health and wellness within the County of San Bernardino. Demographic Characteristics
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Obesity is of significant concern for both children and adults countywide, given that three out of four adults and four out of ten children are considered overweight or obese (S.B. County Board of Supervisors, 2015). As for diabetes, San Bernardino County residents experienced a 71% increase in the incidence of diabetes since 2005 with deaths related to diabetes increasing by 7% as well (S.B. County Board of Supervisors, 2015). When it comes to heart disease, the number of county residents newly diagnosed continues to rise, and has surpassed the state average coming in at 6.5% of the adult population. Hypertension is another chronic condition on the rise in San Bernardino County. Twenty-nine percent of the adult population has been diagnosed with hypertension, which represents a 6% increase since 2005 (S.B. County Board of Supervisors, …show more content…
Approximately 20% of those over the age of 70 have been diagnosed with diabetes and another 59 % have been diagnosed with prediabetes (Babey, Wolstein, Diamant, & Goldstein, 2016). The likelihood of developing diabetes increases with age and is higher among ethnic and racial minorities. Obesity is also a factor influencing the incidence of diabetes and is found in approximately 35% of the older adults in the county (UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, 2014). As the number of people over the age of 65 within the county continues to rise the prevalence of diabetes among these older adults is also rising. Addressing the risk factors related to diabetes of both the older adults and Hispanics in San Bernardino County is needed to decrease the incidence of this highly preventable

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