Assignment 6: Communication Plan Goals

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6. Communication Plan (Catherine)
In this section our GARAS goal is to ensure that communication is efficient at all phases of the projects plans. Outlined is a chart that provides detail over how communication should be carried out throughout the process of working as a team with the stakeholders.
Communication Plan Goals
The requirements of the communication plan determine the information needs of the project stakeholders (Project Management Institute, 2013). This is done by obtaining the information based on their specific needs in order to provide clear and concise outcomes of the product so that there is are no errors that are made in outcomes of the products delivered.
The methods used to transfer information among project stakeholders
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By utilizing risk analysis strategies, we will ensure that all conceivable risk events that would impact cost, schedule and quality of the project have been identified before we start the project. This risk analysis can help us to eliminate surprises, greatly minimize unanticipated occurrences, and negative consequences stemming from undesirable …show more content…
This type of analysis affords us a methodology to escalate risks and issues to project stakeholders/clients at all phases for the project duration. We will accomplish this by using risk identification, assessment and response strategies as outlined below:
(1) Risk Identification:
The first step we will initiate is to analyze the project to identify sources of risk and generate a list of all possible risks that could affect the project. We will use both a Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS) in conjunction with the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to identify and analyze risk.
(2) Risk Assessment:
Since we have identified potential risks, we can eliminate inconsequential risks and focus on the important ones that will require attention and action. Using a scenario analysis, we can assess the significance of the probability and impact of the risk by establishing a relative scale for importance from very high to very low probabilities using a Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

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