Proversion Of Providence Mortgage Company: Horizon Telecom

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Introduction 3
Project Scope Statement 3
Work Breakdown Structure 5
Risk Response Planning 5
Qualitative Risk Analysis 5-15


This project is for the conversion of Providence Mortgage Company from its current Business communications provider over to Horizon Telecom. We Horizon Telecom will be working to convert the four main sites A,B,C,D over to our systems with a full support of data backbone, and VoIP phones systems. In this report I will be covering the Scope Statement, Work Breakdown Structure, Risk Identification, and how we plan to accommodate the possible risk so as to make this project a success.

Project Scope Statement:

Project Name Providence Mortgage Company Project Number 2
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Voice Provisioned Negative 3 8 24 11 Voice provisioned will be working with vendors to keep the inventory at minimal levels. Upon one vendor not being able to deliver products we will have other vendors ready to deliver. Weekly Vendor Calls Project manager and Voice Provisioned
Increase in number of circuits installed at locations. Sales Positive 3 7 21 12 There will be a process in place for when the customer adds circuits after the beginning of the project that an additional 48 hours will be added to properly provision the new equipment. Sales will submit a Purchase request to the Project manager who will then process the request according to Policies in place. Sales and Project manager
Customer sets up call flow for all 4 sites the same, To which they want to set up all sites during the first project site. Voice Provisioned Positive 3 7 21 13 With the customer demanding call flow to be set up all at once it will be more labor in the beginning of the project. However the project manager will take the resources allocated to the different sites and move them so the projects can be completed
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Voice Provisioned Positive 4 5 20 15 With the numerous training sessions that will happen throughout the project. Our voice provisioning team will pay attention to the customer and if they are responding to one tech in particular. Once this is identified the Project manager will allow the one tech to take the time to train the customer to speed up training time. Customer Feedback Voice provisioned/ Project Manager. Port Rejects Project Management Negative 3 6 18 16 Escalation List with carrier to allocate more resources Call with Carrier Project Manager
Early Project Completion Project Team Positive 3 6 18 17 In the case the project completes early we will be moving to the next location. Upon completion of all sites a report will be generated to the CEO of providence so a decision can be made for the addition of extra sites. Final training done by sales engineer will trigger the schedule as complete. This will initiate the next location to start. Project Manager

Decision Tree Analysis
For the decision tree analysis, I have taken “Circuit Failure” as a major risk in the project and tried to analyze the Expected Monetary Value for each of the outcome.

For the above decision tree analysis, following assumptions have been

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