The Importance Of Climate Change On Health

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In conclusion, climate change impacts greatly on weather and human existence, the patterns of extreme atmospheric activities varies from place to place from region to regions.
The impact of climate change on health includes the spread and reemergence of infectious diseases made possible by agents that spread infection like vectors e.g mosquito or pathogens, and disease transmission.
The climate change phenomenon may have influenced the development, survival, reproduction, and virulent nature of some of the disease pathogens, disturbed hosts migratory pattern like rats, and their interaction with man because of the unpredictable nature of some extreme weather their health impacts will still remain a problem.
Humans must play an active role
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With the earth 's temperature continually rising, and the rate of impact of climate change accelerating, it implies that the expected climate changes may not be an easy transitional or gradual change but will like in the near future be an abrupt and devastating.
This study complements the understanding of the relationship between climatic variables and rising incidence of health like New Zealand is experiencing it.
Vector carrying diseases and microorganisms seem to be adopting positively to warmer, wetter conditions and even some microorganisms are also wrecking havocs In even to cooler, drier conditions.
All these support the facts that climate change is a strong factor influencing generally the health and existence of humanity, it unfortunate that microorganisms are adapting to survive in the extreme climate behavior while humans are continuing in their destructive ways with a care of the pending consequences which is annihilation, the Such a insights into this potential adaptation options for climate change related health impacts is obvious in New
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This paper was written following my confirmation based on my nomination for the UN climate change program COP22 holding at …………………………………….. I am grateful to World Medical Association for nominating me. I want to thank Dr. Ezioma Uchegbu, Mr.Theophane Korie for helping to editing the text and figures.
I am especially indebted to the hard work of our current research team: Dr. Ngozi Uchegbu and Dr Ezioma

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