The Importance Of Discharge Companies During World War One

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During World War 1, Americans also started to see timber production as a great business opportunity. The logging companies used this opportunity to come up with new technologies to meet Europe’s demands. Since the amount of forests available to use for their timber was huge, these companies showed no mercy when it came to deforestation. The clear cutting was in full swing and caused forests in southeastern America to get hurt. With this act, the ecosystem changed. Animals were in danger of extinction due to the alteration in their habitat. Some situations like the danger of trans-Atlantic shipping helped raise the price of lumber and the companies were there to take advantage of it. Also by joining the war, America had to use lumber to give materials for their army’s need to build ships, submarines and buildings. The advanced agricultural methods and deforestation caused a great amount of soil erosion.
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Moving the troops as fast as possible was an advantage that each side of the war was looking to gain. Allied nations realized this and asked Americans for petroleum. Providing oil for the Allied nations also came costly since it produced a lot of waste and pollution that damaged the environment and its surrounding ecosystems. World War 2 began in 1939. America played a huge part in it. Materials and resources in the environment provided the war’s necessary tools. During this war, the conservation methods were better compared to the First World War but it wasn’t enough since the war was a hungry predator and the environment was the prey. America at this time was basically a provider of raw materials for other countries. The great depression that happened before the war was a wakeup call to America.

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