Choosing High School Job Essay

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First jobs are usually a way for high school students to earn money and are often dreaded. These students complain about having to go to work because the jobs they get are not enjoyable. Parents pressure their children into getting jobs to help pay for their expenses and gain responsibilities. Flexibility and scheduling are important to consider when choosing a job in high school. School and clubs take up time and can make having a job harder. Choosing a job that has flexibility in scheduling can define whether they can stay mentally sane or completely fall apart. Working as a part-time sales associate at Gap, I have the benefit of flexibility in my schedules. When I was interviewed for the job, Becky, the general manager asked me how many hours a week I was …show more content…
The managers are a major factor in the environment. Going along with positivity, if there are managers that do not want to be there and do not enjoy their jobs that radiates onto the other employees. The managers need to be caring and understanding of the employees, especially those still in high school. When the students are stressed about school, it is nice to have the option to slow down work. On days that I am scheduled to close, often 5pm-10pm, I will be allowed to leave early if I let the manager know that I have a lot of homework to do. One example of this is an evening when I came in stressed over school and Becky asked me how I was. Since I am fairly close with three of the four managers, Becky included, I responded and filled her in on my current situation. She made a comment back and helped to calm me down. I was scheduled until 10:00 that evening, but after it slowed down around 8:30 she asked me if I wanted to go home early. Another example of having caring managers is Toshia telling me “keep your grades up” after I told her I would be covering a shift for someone on a week when she knew I was already extremely

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