The Importance Of Enrolling Children In Youth Sports

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Thesis: Lynchburg parents of obese middle schoolers between the ages of eleven and fourteen should enroll their children in sports in order to encourage physical activity and limit sedentary lifestyle, to promote healthy eating habits, and to prevent the health risk surrounding childhood obesity.
I. Parents fear that enrolling children in sports will cause severe injuries and the cost of getting involved in youth sports will be abundant. A. Parents believe putting children in sports will cause injuries.
B. Training children on guidelines to prevent sports injuries will lower the percentage of sport related injuries.
C. Having fundraisers can reduce the cost of the necessary costs needed to be involved.
II. Sports should
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According to Donna L. Merkel, who wrote, “Youth Sports: Positive and Negative Impact on Young Athletes,” “There is an inherent risk of injury for athletes of all ages when participating in sport. During periods of increased growth….young athletes are vulnerable to a variety of traumatic and overuse injuries” (154). Though parents should have concern for children getting injured, it should not prevent them from being enrolled in sports, because training children on guidelines to prevent sports injuries will lower the percentage of sport related injuries. Prior to playing the sports, children should have guidelines giving them directions on how to play as well as safety rules. In the fourth edition of “Preventing Children’s Sports Injuries” edited by Lauren Larsen it states, “By knowing the causes of sports injuries and how to prevent them [parents] can help make athletics a positive experience for [children]” (ch.53). Learning about causes and prevention of sport injuries can allow parents to rest at ease that their children have a basic knowledge of sports injuries and can reduce the chances of their children getting injured. Guidelines can create a safe environment for children to get active and not hurt. In addition, according to “Preventing Children’s Sports Injuries,” coaches should provide equipment that is held to a safety standard as well as implement rules on how to properly play the sport (ch.53). Coaches should be responsible towards teaching children how to accurately play sports in a safe way, giving the children the best option in playing a safe injury free game. Some parents may disagree with having their children play sports because of the cost related equipment necessary to play sports. According to Merkel, families who participate in youth sports can have a financial burden with the costs of basic things, for

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