The Harmful Effects Of Child Abuse

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Although we don’t realize it there are children all over the world that experience child abuse and neglect. Jocelyn was a child being abused by her parents, not physically but mentally. Jocelyn constantly being isolated feeling unloved and unwanted. She was having to lie and hide who she was because she was too afraid of her parents turning their backs on her. Always trying to reach her parents expectations and still being told her efforts were never enough, she was always hurting constantly crying and she felt so alone like the pain was never going to end. All the things she did was to satisfy her parents. She always wanted there and still never seemed to understand, she began to grow tired of feeling so worthless and “sorry” for herself as …show more content…
You don’t know what goes on in somebody’s life until you walk in their shoes. She still keep to herself because she didn’t want the attention that she would get so she continued to act like everything was okay. As the days went by she started to break and couldn’t take it anymore she didn’t see the point of seeing another day if she did nothing right and nothing felt right, she couldn’t even get through the day without the panic attacks every other hour of the day. She was even too afraid to go to sleep at night because she would have horrible nightmares that she has never yet to forget. The dreams began to get so horrible she would panic in her sleep and at times have to fight to see another day, believe it or not she was ready to leave but what frightened her, was what if everything was better when she was gone what if nobody missed her? It hurt her to feel this way she hated the fact that she felt this way. Because the pain was …show more content…
Jocelyn’s dad had been in and out of jail and off and on of drugs and was neglected when was younger which caused him to be the way he was towards Jocelyn. He just wanted his daughter to do better and better than what he was. He just wanted the best for his little girl, he wanted her to get the life that he never had the chance to have for himself that but they expected so much out of her. It was over whelming all and they put too much stress on her. Jocelyn’s mother was just a “normal kid” growing up and was just fine but she excepted Jocelyn to be flawless to do everything little thing good and was upset when she would even make one mistake, she just wanted perfect and Jocelyn just wanted her mother happy and to feel her love that she would try so hard to do but never got it, she never felt good enough for her mother. She just wanted to meet there standards. She thought maybe one day they would love her and she’d make them proud. She just wanted them to be proud of her to feel loved and get the attention she thought she needed.
In this research I will be discussing the disadvantages of child abuse also spanking and discipline. Many people might say for a parent to abuse their child abuse is considered to be a result of bad parenting and the parent might have been a victim of neglect and child suffering abuse of themselves, which some also have experienced

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