The Importance Of Caring Ethics

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Throughout my lifetime of work and school, one thing I always valued is friendship from others. I always tried to gain friendship from my peers and superiors because it gives me the sense of belonging. The reason I believe to seek and value friendships because I rarely had the support and joy and occasionally strife when I was young. When I was growing up, I had strict parents, only allowing me to focus on school, music and art. Rarely did I have the chance to go out and make friends. The outcome of my Personal Ethical Threshold questionnaire gave me the rating of 2.4. With this rating, I am more likely follow my moral compass but will still find ways of personal gains. Given the questions and the scenarios, I believe I will find ways that …show more content…
People who tend to care may exploit the relationship to gain knowledge, power and more for self interest. People who tend to have a caring ethics will have the opposite view of a person with a Utilitarianism ethical view. When face with a dilemma, an individual with ethics of care may choose save a relationship rather than for the greater good. Caring may also create favoritism in an organization which may lead to overall dissatisfied …show more content…
In the framework of caring, Bob fits into the four categories that Gilligan has stated above. First, Bob created a relationship with the buyer, even if it’s for economical gain. To do so he took his client to Red Ruby Club, a strip club. Second, for Bob to create a relationship with the clients, Bob had to do something he never thought about it in the light of day. Bob responded to Galen idea of earning the relationship of the client, even though at first he thinks it’s unusual. Third, for Bob to promote the well being of others, landing these partnerships may help the overall of the company. This may prevent the company from going under, or laying people off in the future which may cause harm. This type of decision can be said to be similar to a utilitarian framework because it was for the greater good. Lastly, for Bob to prepare, earn or maintain a relationship, customer’s needs to trust Bob; even if it takes himself out of his comfort zone. Everything Bob did is for his company, his staff, and co-workers. Overall, taking the potential clients to the Red Ruby Club is ethical decision in the framework of caring. Bob did nothing unethical, as he did not exploit, disrespect nor did injustice to the clients. He also did not fail to develop a relationship with the

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