The Importance Of Career In Health Care

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There are many endless options when it comes to choosing a professional carrier in the present time. At times it gets overwhelming for many individuals to decide on which carrier they should pursue. However, from a very early age I knew that I wanted to work in a health care setting. I wanted to be in a field where I am able to help people and make a difference in their lives. Moreover, I desire to work in field where I will be challenged with new situations on daily bases. I started working at an early age, many people may not view this as an advantage, however, I always considered it an advantage since I was able to get a lot of experience at young age .I worked at different jobs growing up, but for the past four years I have been working …show more content…
We are required to do home visits to make sure that the clients are getting the services. Usually the visits we do are surprised visits, so we are able to observe while the PCAs are doing their job and to make sure they are using the proper techniques to deliver their services. In many cases, during the visits, we encounter a lot of issues regarding the PCA. Many of our clients are vulnerable adults, therefore, many of them are taken advantage of. Unfortunately that happens to some of our clients. I once had to do a home visit alone and upon entering the clients home I noticed that the house wasn’t clean and it seemed like tasks weren’t done for the client. The PCA was present at the time so I didn’t want to ask the client about the PCA because I wanted to speak to the client without the influence of the PCA. Luckily it was the end of the PCA shift for that day. After i spoke with the client I found out that the PCA was threatening the client, and the client was afraid of the PCA. I immediately terminated the PCA, and reported him to the county. I was able to find a replacement for the client on the same day to make sure the client was getting the services. This type of work involves a huge network that made up of nurses, doctors, case mangers, …show more content…
For instance, if the client gets hospitalized is the nurse’s responsibility to inform the case manager that the client was hospitalized, and it’s the case manager’s responsibility to notify us about it. It is also our duty to inform the case managers any changes that we encounter regarding the client. In one incident, one of our client’s case manager called to inform us that the client called her to let her know that his PCA didn’t show up to work for the past few days. Instead of investigating the issue, I terminated the PCA without giving her a chance to explain herself. The PCA was very upset and she kept saying that she worked during those days, and that the client has been very forgetful lately, he had ‘dementia’. On the next day the client’s daughter called me and said that the PCA was coming on a daily basis, and she was doing her tasks diligently. She also stated that her father’s condition is getting worse to the point that at times he can’t even remember. Following the conversation with the client’s daughter. I decided to do a home visit with the case manager, so we could observe and document the whole situation. I called the PCA and apologized for not investigating the matter in proper way. From that day, before terminating any employee I make sure to look and investigate prior to making any

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