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During the middle of my 8th grade year, my homeroom teacher gave an intriguing proposition. She held a brochure for the Capital Preparatory Magnet School, a year-round Pre- K through 12th grade school. “The College Preparatory environment is wrapped around a Social Justice theme that is integrated into the rigorous curriculum and instruction experience. Capital Prep boasts on the promise of 100% college admittance for each graduating senior. Through our academic and Social Justice Initiatives, Capital Prep students discover their passions and immense potential with talented and engaging teachers and an energetic and diverse peer group.” Honestly that all seemed very grand, but obviously I was uncertain about going to a prep school. What …show more content…
One example is the sports scene at the Capital Prep School. Since the school selects students mainly on an academic basis, one would not expect that the magnet school would be so competitive in sports. However, Capital Prep’s athletic teams are usually considered the favorites or at least be contenders in the conference. Up against schools much larger than itself, the boys ' football team was top in their conference with six players getting free rides to play college ball. Girls’ and boys’ basketball teams have repeatedly won the crown with the girls on four straight now, and have continued to gain notice from local newspapers. Also, Capital Prep School sports are unique in that they do not have team cuts. If you want to play, then you’re now a part of the team basically. This allows all of the boys and girls to show off their hobbies and what they like to do in their free time. I don’t think I can forget my public school years when I tried out for the basketball team. I had a tremendous interest in it due to the fact that my grandpa played nearly every weekend but I was not very good, and so I was cut from the team. So at Bristol Eastern, I wasn’t really given the chance to discover my true interest in basketball. But, at the Capital Prep School I was given that same chance and as a result, I have become quite skillful enough to sneak out a win against my grandfather who plays religiously at the park with his

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