The Importance Of Camera Movement In Broken City

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What the lens of the camera provides is more than just the action taking place in the film. Also, apart from giving the audience the viewpoint of the character, camera movement provides an aesthetic means by creating emotions, whether it comes from what the character is experiencing or from what the audience are experiencing from a third person point-of-view. Just like it does in Broken City, it shapes the relationship between the camera and the character in the film. In other words, the camera frame helps take the viewer into the world of the narrative in any film by going through the mise-en-scene. Also, when we talk about camera movement, it is important to mention the film critic André Bazin. He was one of the greatest fans of long takes which had camera movement. He also …show more content…
Now in Broken City, there are many opinions about the reasons to watch this film. When we talk about camera movement in this film, we notice that it is a big part of the visual aspect in the production process. Can that be the only reason for people to watch the film? Is it a game changer for the audience? The problem with camera movement in this film is that in some of the places, it is over-used whether it is essential or not. An example in the film can be when Wahlberg was waiting for Catherine Zeta-Jones’s character to go to the man who she was supposedly sleeping with. Apart from the stable, fixed shots, the movements included were handheld camera movements and point-of-view shots. It made sense when the handheld point of view shot was used to give the point of view of Wahlberg’s character. What was a bit useless in my opinion was when the camera was behind Wahlberg and it was filming Catherine’s character as she walked towards the house. This shot was

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