The Importance Of Buying American Products

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America has been built off of the goods produced from generation to generation. It has been acknowledged that American people are known for their patriotic acts. Americans are always trying to give back to their community, develop jobs, show patriotism, and grow the economy immensely. America was formed from the hardworking man. Giving foreign countries the jobs that the American people deserve is an abomination. As American people we need to show patriotism and give the country hope once again. Buying American goods over mediocre foreign products is essential for the American society to continue to thrive. Giving back to the country that was built off of blood, sweat, and tears is imperative. Buying products produced by the American people will strengthen the country. Many people do not realize the importance of contributing to the society by buying American made products. American made products are a part of giving back to the country we live in. A poll reported by Consumer Reports, states that “3 out of 4 who buy American say they do so because the products are of …show more content…
In the Consumer Reports poll, one survey taken says that sixty-two percent of people prefer to buy American made products because they feel it to be very patriotic (“Your” 13). With the American people trying to be patriotic, buying the American goods is essential for them to continue to better the nation. The American people need to quit procrastinating and show action towards buying the quality things that are made for the people throughout the country. It is about taking action and showing an effort to better the nation. When an individual does these important things, that is the true meaning of being a patriotic citizen. Patriotism is all an American citizen should desire to do. Buying goods created in our country is how one can fulfill this

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