The Importance Of Birth Control

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Women don’t just desire to take birth control; it is a necessity for many women in today 's world. Some women would consider birth control to be a life-saving medication; so, why is birth control so costly? According to an article posted on Bustle, a woman is deathly afraid that under Obama care her birth control will become unattainable due to skyrocketing prices. This particular woman does not take the contraceptive as a safeguard against pregnancy, but as a medication to remain alive. “When I was 27 years old, I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF)… taking daily birth control pills provides me with the hormone replacements that could very well be saving my life. Which is why I was utterly terrified when Speaker Paul Ryan recently …show more content…
Not only is guaranteeing access to contraception an integral part of these rights, but it is also a means to secure their fulfillment," (Pawlowska). If birth control costs are left inaccessible, women will not be able to participate as complete members of society. The world will no longer see women in the workforce. Women will succumb to the destiny of a stay at home mother, putting us back decades. Also, women’s rights will greatly suffer. Women will no longer get the chance to be CEO’s of major companies because they will be too busy changing diapers, they won 't get to become Olympic gold medalists because they will be too busy attending PTA meetings, and they won 't get to travel the world because no one likes to listen to babies crying on an airplane. Women deserve the right to do everything a man can. It simply is not fair that a man will never have to experience the nervous, scared feeling that engulfs a woman when she can’t afford to refill her birth control prescription, or the scrutiny, name calling, and devastation of a young teenage girl finding out she is expecting a child when she is only a child herself, or the enormous, life-changing decision that young girl must make in regards to that

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