Essay on The Importance Of Being A War Veteran

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Being a War Veteran

Participation in war changes a person, but participation in two wars extremely changes a person that only a few will fully understand. People who have never been there ask me what it was like. Did you get shot at or shoot anyone? Others will share stories about a sibling, cousin, friend, or someone they knew who went to fight in a war. Even though they know someone who fought in a war, they themselves don’t fully understand what I went through on a daily basis. Only your brothers in arms who were there with me understand the hardships that are brought on by being in a conflict zone and for that they will always be closer than those who have never been in a war.

It was April 2009 when I shipped out to my first war, Operation Iraqi Freedom, I was eager to finally go do what I joined the Marines to do which was go to Iraq. Nearly 24 hours of flights and layovers later, I was there in the hot arid desert of Iraq on Camp Al Asad when it hit me. It was no longer a game at any point in time you can die or get seriously hurt. Weekly convoys of sitting in a truck, riding in a turret were a nice break. From long hours of standing in flak jacket and kevlar on post always ready for the worst to happen. Six long exhausting months later in October it was finally time for the long journey back to Hawaii where I was stationed to find out in April 2010 I was shipping into a completely different war. The war in Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom, a completely…

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