The Importance Of Being A Professional Construction Supervisor

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This paper is written to discuss some of the important facts and duties of being a professional construction supervisor. (1)In the earliest days of construction, the ability to take whatever natural resources the earth provided and figure out a way to take that and preserve and improve life, has always been the basis of construction. This process of construction followed instinct, institution and utilizing resources that were most readily available. Historical data tells us that every culture has contributed to improving the construction process independently. Construction will always be needed and continues to grow and develop with our population every year. In 2016 it is estimated that there will be a need for 438,671 new jobs needed not including the number of vacant positions already needing to be filled from worker attrition, retirement and promotions. In my opinion, Technology is probably the biggest change over the last 50 years. The days of having to calculate everything by hand has been replaced with hi-Tec calculators, equipment and computer programs. To be successful in construction, you have to keep up with all the changes and developments so you can so you can offer competitive bids and still turn a profit. (2)Success in construction starts with planning and follows through to the completed job. Planning is the process of seeing a desired future and figuring out what it will take to make that vision happen. The process of planning builds upon itself at every…

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