The Importance Of Being A Caring Nurse Essay

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In this essay I will be discussing how my definition on being a caring nurse relates with the New Zealand nurse’s organization (NZNO, 2010) code of ethics, Treaty of Waitangi (four principles) and the nursing council of New Zealand domain three, Watson’s theory and competencies for Registered nurses. As becoming future nurses, we as nurses need to have the standards and aptitudes to make sure that our patients are taken care of under our supervision.

I became aware of why I wanted to become a nurse is that after my bicycle accident. I had to stay in hospital for three days keeping in mind the end goal to recuperate from my concussion and have the capacity to get recovered. After I was in hospital it changed the way on how I look into nurses. Nurses deeply care of a person, putting others before them and thinking about the patient first not about themselves and have a strong desire to help. My nurse that dealt with me made me feel like her own child. I was in pain and stun; she was there to quiet me down and administer to every one of my needs and was dependably there to converse, until this day now she is the one why I wanted to become a nurse.

My very own definition of nursing is that a nurse ought to be a caring nurse, caring is universal; it influences the way people think and feel. As my definition of nursing is to be a caring nurse, it is a nurse who assumes the liability for the security, advancement, and enhancement of wellbeing and capacities, aversion of disease…

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