The Importance Of Beauty In Venezuela

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Imagine you are a three-year-old and you have to wake up six in the morning. The first thing that you do is a cold tanning spray to your body, heavy make-up and hard lipsticks. Then you had to dress up like a Barbie with glitzy gowns, extended hair settings and rehearsal for the talent show. At 10am, the competition starts with five critiques of grading all the way until 2:30pm, the judging time, but it did not mean that you can take a rest because you need to look energetic to judges and audiences, so your mother gives you a bottle mixed with Red Bull and Mountain Dew, and a sugary candy. Finally at 4:30pm, the sparkling tiara had come to your mother’s hand with a couple thousand dollars to save her from the high stack of bills. All it did …show more content…
For instance, physical health issues such as constantly wearing heels and having cosmetics on the skin. Journalists went to Venezuela and reported ‘hair must always be completely clean, make-up should look natural, and you should always, always wears high-heels; I don 't have the attributes to be a contender for Miss Venezuela. I 'm 1.60m tall and you need to be at least 1.70m (5 feet 7 inches),’ says Andrea Reyes who teaches catwalk skills in a beauty school in Venezuela (Grainger, 2012).
Mental problems seem to cause by the tightness schedule of the beauty contests. Children watke up early for hair setting, costuming and make-up before 10 am, no naps, breaks or tears allowed, 2:30 pm scoring time and 4:30 pm crowning (Cartwright, 2012). Parents gave their children caffeinated drinks “go-go juice” which mixed with Red Bull and Mountain Dew (Toddlers and Tiaras, 2012). Other substitutes such as Pixy Stix and ‘pageant cracker’ were given to young children as well.
Contests such as beauty pageants should be forbidden because they create a value that are only attached to physical appearance but nothing else. They are expensive, and bad role model for children. They also leave rotten mental footprints to children’s

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