The Importance Of Baseball In Baseball

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Players not only lost their ability to play during the war, but they also missed out on multiple years of their careers; these years could have been used to achieve records that would make them the greatest of time. Ted Williams went into the war on pace to break Babe Ruth 's home run record, the most sought out record in baseball. But because he missed 5 years due to his service he was unable to concur this feat. Bob Feller would have easily eclipsed the 300 win mark, but he was unable to win enough games. Although statistics may have seemed irrelevant at the time, statistics in baseball mean a lot. They are how you put your name in the history books. Some players did not serve in the military, some made other efforts proving to be more important than actual service; they helped with war funding, propaganda, and morale boosting. Players would dedicate their time to try to help out the war cause in any way possible. The most effective area that the players made a huge difference on was morale boosting. They thrived in this area because they were looked up to like celebrities, people would see them helping so they would want to help. It was very common and is still common today. Propaganda was a big part of funding the war effort because it got …show more content…
After the United States Army brought it over to Europe and Japan it spread like wild fire. To waste time in an American prisoner of war camp, German prisoners would play exhibition matches against the Americans .28 It was interesting that the two sides could bond over a simple game of baseball. The Japanese soldiers also starting playing baseball, which frustrated many American soldiers. The most interesting story to me took place at the end of the war. After the United States won the war, they turned one of Hitlers of rally sites, Stadion der Hitlerjugend, into a baseball field.29 They painted over the swastikas and played there until the were sent back

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