The Importance Of Ban Smoking Cigarettes

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The Government Should Ban Cigarettes Shockingly, people consume a deadly product that kills millions of people a year. Approximately six million people die a year from smoking cigarettes (“Global Health”). Without question smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of preventable death in the world. Not only are smokers harming themselves but, the people around them as well. Cigarette smoking is harmful and a financially wasteful habit that should be banned by the government.
Tobacco is the major cause of death and non-communicable diseases. Moreover, smoking cigarettes can diagnose someone who smokes with a variety types of chronic diseases. In the book “The Health Effects” it says, “Smoking increases the risk of coronary heart disease,
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In fact, throughout the years there has been a decrease in jobs because of tobacco companies. First, “ The major tobacco companies have been the major contributors to job loss by increasing mechanization, increasing their use of imported tobacco, and moving manufacturing overseas” (“Tobacco’s Impact on”). If the tobacco companies continue to manufacture overseas thousands of people will not have a job. Secondly, role models who smoke cigarettes are intended to persuade younger kids and adults to smoke. That being, “Prior studies show that both children and adults acquire attitudes, emotional responses, and new styles of conduct through the mass media, which play an important role in shaping behavior and social attitudes as smoking behaviors”(Capella). Famous role models need to think twice before making a poor decision because of their influence on young kids and other people who may look up to them. Lastly, the toxic wastes in cigarette butts are a threat to our economy worldwide. To illustrate “ In 2005, an estimated 135 million pounds of cigarette butte were dumped into the U.S. environment (“Cigarette Butts Are”). Cigarettes butts are the most common toxic waste that is found in our economy, if this continues million pounds of cigarettes will continue to be dumped into our environment. Young smokers would say they smoke because it makes them feel and look more mature. In a literal sense …show more content…
Smoking should be banned at a government level. Many smokers haven’t come to a realization that it can be a cause of variety types of deadly diseases. The only thing that really helps a person to avoid smoking is staying smoke free. If the government were to ban cigarettes smokers will be able to live a happier and healthy life. The environment would be cleaner and less people would no longer be struggling

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