The Importance Of Arts Education?

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Arts education in public schools is a topic people are discussing because they are questioning whether it really does impact student success. Critics may think arts education is not relevant towards the real-world and future student career success because they do not see the significant benefits visual and performing arts have on student learning. Parents result in sending their child to a school that has a curriculum based on Common Core State Standards, which has a focus on English and math. In reality, arts education is proven to increase test scores and performance in the classroom (Chapman). Arts education does allow students to think critically in a unique way to express their thoughts, and it allows them to apply this strategy in a traditional …show more content…
There is still no action being taken for NASAA and Common Core to join forces. Unfortunately, it is not until Common Core State Standards fully commits to integrating arts education into their curriculum for the solution to be implemented. They must have a conference meeting and decide how they are going to follow through with the integration. After their decision is final, they should start to incorporate the arts into their curriculum for the upcoming years. Following that, the government should make it a law for Common Core to integrate arts education so the change really is enforced across the United States. Without Common Core agreeing to the collaboration, NASAA will not be able to prosper on its own because the arts are already not seen to be necessary for student education. With little government and public support, state arts agencies cannot afford or receive the funding to continue advancing arts education, as budget cuts have already been made (Urice). When there is no funding for the arts, the arts cannot exist. This makes it difficult for both stakeholders to reach a compromise because the lack of funding prevents both organizations from working

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