Performing Arts

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Performing arts have been around for centuries. Famous artists and creators have expressed their ideas and feelings through works of art which range from Shakespeare’s plays, to DaVinci’s paintings, to modern day photography. People, who have creative mindsets like this, have expressed themselves and learned new things through artistic outlets. In today’s society, kids all over the United States have taken advantage of the opportunities in their school to shine their artistic talents in performance arts as well as using this resource to learn other material in their curriculum. Students who have difficulty learning material in a regular classroom setting use other options such as the performing arts to help them understand materials in other classes. Unfortunately, because of the economic hardships, states have been getting lower incomes for activities in schools, which result in …show more content…
Average students tend to be a listener, or a visual learner which is helpful and important in a regular classroom setting. However, artistic, creative students mostly happen to be kinesthetic learners. This is a vital key factor for students who take their learning to another level. These kids can study class material better through diverse methods of teaching, which can be through art, theatre, and music. Examples would be that mathematics is very closely related to music, as well as reading. Research has shown that music can help enhance auditory skills and comprehensive reading (Sousa). Dance can also help students in high school understand physics. Chorus can help memorize vocabulary for English, history, and science. By the states cutting the funds for these performance arts activities, kids will have a harder time concentrating in school and their motive for learning can be severely decreased if their learning methods have been taken

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