The Importance Of Art

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Logically speaking, all human beings to certain extent experience a level of emotional satisfaction. One way this can take place would be is in regards to art. Art is not just seen as some form of expression or a creative skill that it is done by a human being, but it also brings a beauty within it. Art delivers a message, art forces us to imagine things that we have never think or taught before. There quite a set of arts out there that makes us question “is there more than meets the eye’’ And this is one of the most fascinating things about art, the kind of approach and differences that people have among each other’s makes the art world makes more exciting as people share their views against one another. Part of what art delivers is what …show more content…
This particular art is what most people are aware of which is located at the Denver public library. First impression I got when I look this is that it looks like a broom. But it carries more meaning than that. There are a couple of things that surprised me about this art. First thing is how much of an effort that was put in to keep this art safe. For instance, the major reason is for those who climb up the scalp and those who skateboard. Conversions being in this case can be seen as preventing and keeping in check from being degraded. The most difficult part of this art is when it comes actual cleaning they have to take away each part and only done by expertise.
The third art I looked art is the early 20th century souvenir Ribbon Quilt. This art is one to be considered to be known as abstract art. Because of the various different types of color and messages combined the art sends out multiple unusual meanings. Part of the difficult job regarding this art, is to be able to repair the fabrics that has been damaged. From this particular art, we can say the colors are part of this
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To start off, the wall sculptures are made of thousand of metal bottle and labels. To be able to hang this art on to the wall there are a couple of steps must be taken. First of all, the sculpture must be attached to the plunk using acrylic rods that are inserted through openings in the cloth and in the foam. When it comes to the hooks they are used to gather and fold the sculptures in the sculpting process. What I learned from all this different art work makes me think about the history of art in general. I learn that art is more than just a creative skill, it is a way people can have a conversation as well. Art in general makes me think of things I see in my own house, it makes me think if there is more detail than what I actually

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