The Importance Of Archaeology In History

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Archaeology is the study of human past through their material remains including artifacts, ecofacts, features and human remains. The field of study is very important as archaeology could tell us the origin of human and how our ancestors survived million years ago. “The archaeological record is the only way that we can answer questions about the evolution of our species and the developments in culture and society that led to the emergence of the first civilizations and to the more recent societies that are founded upon them”.(Renfrew & Bahn 8) And thus “archaeology is a science as well as a humanity”.(Renfrew & Bahn 12)
Ötzi the iceman, is the oldest natural mummy of a Chalcolithic European man. It was found by two German tourists on 19 September 1991 in the Ötztal Alps on the
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“The failure of Coalition forces in the invasion of Iraq in 2003 to secure the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad allowed the looting of the collections, including the celebrated Warka Vase, one of the most notable finds from the early Sumerian civilization – although, like many other important antiquities, this was later returned to the museum. Only parts of the collection were taken, and it seems that it was the work both of looters from the street, who smashed cases, decapitated statues, and trashed offices, but also perhaps some well-informed individuals who knew what they were looking for and who had access to storeroom keys.” (Renfrew & Bahn 318) “In August 2013 the archaeological museum in Malawi, in Egypt’s Minya region, was destroyed and looted – sarcophagi and statues were damaged, and curators revealed that 1040 of 1080 objects in the collection were missing, presumably now heading for the burgeoning trade in illicit antiquities.” (Renfrew & Bahn

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