Animal Rights Research Paper

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Animal Rights
“I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.” Abraham Lincoln. Over time animals have been exploited and lost their freedoms. Even Presidents and citizens of the United States in the seventeenth century cared about animals. Animals need to be given rights. Animals deserve more rights because they have emotions, wrongfully experimented on and abused.
In the year of 1966, the first and only federal law for the protection of animals was established. One hundred years earlier The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA was founded in 1866 to bring attention to the issue of animal rights. Eventually PETA, or People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals
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In research and testing, many animals are experimented on in a wide variety of things, for example testing drugs to fight diseases or going through xenotransplantation or transplanting cells into their bodies. While in labs animals don 't only go through painful tests, they are also undergo stressful day to day laboratory life. Many of the animals experimented on never experience fresh air or warm rays of sunshine. The animals are in typical crowded lab conditions, enduring loud noises and bright lights. In 2009 an undercover lab investigation showed monkeys frantically spinning around in their cages. The chimpanzees were also found biting open wounds, mutilating themselves, and ripping out their own hair. This was all caused by the “stress induced psychosis,” caused by their lives in the laboratory. After viewing the footage of the chimpanzees from this same investigation, primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall commented saying that, “In no lab I have visited have I seen so many chimpanzees exhibit such intense fear. The screaming I heard when chimpanzees were being forced to move toward the dreaded needle in their squeeze cages was, for me, absolutely horrifying.” Animals are wrongfully abuse and treated cruelty. Anti-cruelty laws exist in all U.S. states and territories to prohibit unnecessary killing, mutilating, torturing, beating, neglecting and …show more content…
Circus animals are protected under the Animal Welfare act, and are sometimes denied that right. On a normal circus’ 48 weeks of travel per year, circus animals spend an average of 26 hours in a cage during that year. Another form of animal cruelty is factory farming. Factory farming is a large operation where large numbers of animals are raised specifically for food in a very small space. These farms focus mainly on efficiency and profit, completely stripping animals of their rights. Over 99% of all farm animals in the U.S. are raised in factory farms. Just like in laboratories, factory farming can cause extreme stress for animals. Some objections to the topic of animal rights might include the fact that animals were already given rights in the Animal Welfare Act and don’t need any more. Many people who are for animal experimentation believe that stopping animal experimentation would slow down and overall harm the chance to find cures to diseases. Many people against the animal rights movement feel that while animals may feel pain they are not fully aware of what is going on. However recent studies have disproved that

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