Explain Why Pharmaceuticals And Herbal Supplements Are Big Business

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There is no doubt that pharmaceuticals and herbal supplements are big business. Choosing the best, and safest remedy is something that should definitely be researched. Although I am not saying that the amazing advances in medicine are not to be utilized when necessary, it is my true belief that alternative medicine and nutrition should be used more as a means of staying healthy before the use of a miracle pill, as prescribed by a doctor, becomes necessary. Our western culture has raised us to believe that we become ill because we lack the specific medicine or therapies to make us healthy. Well, think about that, do you get a headache because you have an aspirin deficiency? Do we get fat because we lack any of the many weight loss drugs available to us? Is our cholesterol high because we do not take cholesterol lowering drugs regularly? And, when these miracle drugs are finally prescribed to make all our health issues magically disappear, then along comes the many side effects of those medications that often require more medications to counteract.

First of all, let’s talk about prescription drugs as big business. Do you ever wonder why companies need to advertise their drugs on TV? Isn’t it your doctor who should know what drugs you
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I am not saying that all medicines should be avoided, I am saying the use of a “miracle pill” is just not a healthy alternative to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. When will consumers finally figure out that this “symptom stomping” way of life brought on by big business is not the answer? Alternative medicine not only focuses on the symptoms but also the cause and effect of certain illnesses. Now, there are some side effects to alternative therapies and consumers need to be educated about how they should treat their bodies but, it is my opinion, if you treat you body with respect it will respond with optimal

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