The Importance Of Adopting A Self Directed Work Based Learning Approach

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1. Introduction

1.1. Report Overview
Within this report I aim to critically review and analyse the importance of adopting a self-directed work based learning approach to developing my professional and academic practise. This report will be based will be strongly based on my experiences, current achievements, and challenges within my first five months placement as a Human Resources Undergraduate at EGGER (UK). There will be further reference to the foundational attributes, Setting Direction, Learn, Act with Integrity and Engage along with a summary of the significant learning I have currently undertaken, and how I wish to take this forward to my second semester of the module.

1.2. Procedure – Secondary Data
The information used within this report was researched by myself through the use of online journals, textbooks and the notes I took within the lectures and seminars I attended, along with the experiences I have been a part of, over the first few months within my Human Resources two year placement at EGGER (UK) Limited.

2. Critical Review of Self-Directed Work Based Learning

There are a number of different theorist ideas and approaches to what learning, and work based learning is considered to be. Learning is what creates, adapts, enlarges, and deepens knowledge, by studying or experiencing something, which can then be put in to making a change or further practise (Horn, 2009, p. 54). With this fundamental idea of learning, it has been suggested that that only…

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