The Importance Of Access To Information In 1984 By George Orwell

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Access to information is one of the most important resources to achieve a higher level of quality of education as well as personal and democratic aspects. However, when speaking of access to information is not only about a useful tool for use by those countries that aspire to improve their education level. Speak access to information is also reference to a fundamental right of every citizen.

Part One and Part Two
The Inner Party is the highest position in society they were those belonging to the Inner Party the highest class. They lived in luxury developments isolated from other classes. Their story had all kinds of comforts and even had servants. They had good food and all sorts of vagaries. They could stop being monitored by switching off the telescreen for periods of time. Were the top leaders of the Party .El government was exercised by the Inner Party through control of the masses by constantly monitor them. They controlled all information sources so that
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He is thirty- five years and belongs to various groups in relation to the Party, because in fact he is excited to everything related to this, is ultimately a fan of Big Brother. Winston believes that, for that fanaticism he will be never vaporizing him. For example, he will not disappear without anyone knowing what happened to him to finally do not remember that he ever existed. However, Winston´s prediction is wrong and Parson is reported to the Thought Police for his own daughter which had been denounced by his own daughter for shouting “Down with Big Brother” while he was sleeping. This crime is called Thoughtcrime or crime of the mind. It is the worst crime you could be charged. Parsons is such a devotee of Big Brother, he is glad that his daughter denounces him, in order to heal quickly. Furthermore confident that will not kill you, only they will be send a few years to do hard

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