The Importance Of A Registered Nurse Prioritizing Between Patients And Patients

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As a Registered Nurse prioritizing between patients is crucial. The nursing process steps will be implemented with each patient the nurse has. In these scenarios, I will prioritize my patient by who is more critical and then by which poses the most risk. The cardiac patient will have priority being that he is one-day post-op. Then my elderly patient who is confused that is trying to get out of the bed, and then I would assess the Crohn 's patient after my assessment I can delegate the patient to the LPN, which will free up my time and wait for the newly admitted cardiac patient.
As a registered nurse dealing with my patient that is one-day post-op from a cardiac surgery on a morphine PCA pump is my first priority. This patient has the higher risk of complications after surgery; therefore, frequent monitoring is needed. The RN has to monitor and document the patient 's heart rate and blood pressure. According to Dogenges,"hypertension can place stress on suture lines of new grafts and changing blood flow/pressure with heart chambers and across valves with increased risk for various complications (97)" In any event the patient 's blood pressure drops to low it may cause heart failure. The nurse has to monitor labs, being that the patient can have electrolyte imbalances because of the seriousness of the heart surgery. According to Davis," electrolytes, antidysrthymics, and other heart medications may be required on as short-term or long-term basis to maximize cardiac…

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