The Importance Of A New Mission For A School Essay

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Change is difficult, making changes in schools can be extremely difficult. Schools have many moving components; students, teachers, parents, the community and the required curriculum. Schools have to contend with numerous outside factors that are beyond their control. With all the things that contribute to the running of a school it is easy to why making in significant or small changes can be difficult. Change cannot be facilitated if the problems or concerns aren’t identified. The identification can be one of the most difficult steps. When identifying problems, it is best to use data to support the need for change rather than personal feelings.
In the article, Facilitating Change in Our Schools, Linda MacRae Campbell, M.A. identified nine guidelines for facilitating change in school. Guideline one: identify a new mission or need for reform within the school. Change or restricting must begin by identifying or targeting a high profile need or concern. The need or concern must be supported by data. Honest, effective, formal and informal communication must take place. Guideline two: seek support for educational change. Support for change efforts can come in two forms; information that provides reformers with a solid knowledge base to work from and advocacy from those inside and outside the school. Change cannot occur if there is no support. Guideline three; Create and communicate a model of the change effort. Once again change is difficult, to reduce the negativity…

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