The Importance Of A Liberal Arts Education Essay

1276 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
In today’s fast-paced society, no one ever takes a moment to pause and question the purpose of education. Everyone simply assumes that education’s aim is to get employed. Although there is a great need for STEM employees across the nation, countless jobs continue to be vacant. This comes as a result of the applicants not meeting the non-STEM skills that many of the employers are looking for in an employee. One may be able to perform tasks properly, however they lack many qualities such as critical thinking, time management, problem solving, teamwork, and the ability to network with people in the field. A liberal arts education, rooted in a civic-based approach, does not aim to train students for a certain career, it offers students the opportunity to build a skillset like no other. Not only that, but one can gain knowledge through education, yet that knowledge does nothing for students if they cannot apply those same skills to everyday life as citizens. Skills such as forming opinions, communicating one’s ideas effectively, and being able to analyze and gain a capacity to learn, are all skills that are useful for life, not just a career. When the atmosphere of the classroom takes a step-back from the lecture format and carries out a more conversational design, with open discussion, presentation, and group projects, students can practice participating in public discourse. In the hope that the skills students learn will transform them into effective and virtuous citizens, it…

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