The Importance Of A Interview At The Manager At Center Of African American Health And Gained One Step Move

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The purpose of the interview is to gain knowledge and experience in management related competencies and personal management styles from the manager who is in the workplace, specifically, in the healthcare management position. Because there are many challenges that the managers are now facing, especially in the healthcare organizations such as limited resources, complex, specialized and more diverse teams, and the rise of a highly competitive environment, it’s my pleasure to meet one of the most powerful management personnel in the area of the diverse population group. Therefore, I challenged my in-class experiences by visiting the manager at Center of African-American Health and gained one-step-move, on-hand knowledge based experience, towards my career field through this manager interview.
The main reason I want to contact was in the past year one of the employees in this organization thought my class in the course healthcare Organization (HCM-3010) and motivated to contact the organizational since then. This is the best opportunity to be interned or even being employed in this organization as my wishes. Therefore, I am really excited and motivated to be a future healthcare manager, and in the far future an executive healthcare manager.
Before, 2005, the Center for African- American Health (CAAH) was called a Black Church (BCI) initiative founded by Grant Jones aimed at capacity building for African-Americans. Through some interesting progress, the BCI collaborated with…

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