The Importance Of A Healthy Life : Part 1, Eating Essay

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Three part to a healthy life: Part 1, Eating.

Welcome to the first of my 3 part guide to a healthy life. This is one of my first blogs so feel free to leave comments and critiques!

Eating healthy, from my experience, is the simplest and probably the first step anyone trying to become more healthy should make.

Why? Almost everyone has the ability to determine what they eat and how much to eat. The right diet provides necessary nutrients and energy for other endeavors like work and exercise. However, cooking is time-consuming, and sometimes even difficult. I mean if you have ever seriously try cooking, it is labor intensive, hot work. I don 't know about you, but with the burns, cuts, and gross foods as the results of my few attempts at cooking, I’m at least a bit uneasy in the kitchen.

No wonder many people eat weekly at restaurants or order delivery. Tasty foods with no cooking, what not to like? Unfortunately, there are many unhealthy food options full of fat, sugar, and salt, available for hungry buyers, quite simply because human are biologically attracted to those taste.

Then there are all the junk foods and sodas available to stave off hunger at home. Chips, candies, pastries, I mean I’ll get hungry just looking at a sweet treat.

Face with all of these food options, it can be hard to eat healthy. Since you are reading this article, I’m guessing you would like some help with making healthy eating a part of your life.

Don’t fret, eating healthy is…

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