The Importance Of A Great Volunteer Organization Essay

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In March 2012, I had a great experience to attend a family wedding in East Africa, Kenya. During my one-month visit in Kenya, I had an opportunity to find a great volunteer organization in which help those in suburban areas in Kenya. Even though, It was hectic attending a wedding in Kenya from Canada by taking three flights it was well worth the experience. Generally speaking. However, I get best of both worlds. The reason I mention that is because I come from parents in which share an interracial marriage. My dad was born in Uganda in East Africa, and my mother was born in Kenya, however, is originally Iranian, who settled in Kenya after the war was declared in Iran. Before my journey to Kenya in 2012, I had gone to Kenya 3 times before in 1999, 2004 and 2007 for nearly the whole summer holidays.

The main reason I wanted to volunteer in Kenya was to get a perspective on how people live in the suburban areas in Kenya. Social status was a big factor in volunteering to help the homeless people. Which we provided food, registered nurses checked their health and overall talk to them in Swahili, which is the main language in most of East Africa, but rather more in Kenya. Being born in Toronto, you see things differently especially when you have a roof over your head, food on your table or even people to socialize with on the daily. It was more like a cultural shock when I had landed in the suburban area in Kenya by the name of Turkana which is located in central Kenya.


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