The Importance Of A Fading Friend But Not Forgotten Essay

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A Fading Friend but Not Forgotten When I was a kid, I was a social and outgoing kind of person. In Kindergarten, I met a friend named Jeremy. He was anti-social, awkward, and an all-around goofball. He always made me laugh though and from that point on, we became best friends. I remember as a kid, going to his house and playing Super Nintendo with him, eating with his family, sharing birthdays, and watching Power Rangers. Both of our fathers have disabilities. My father was hit by a drunk driver in 1979 causing him to have neural damage for the rest of his life, and Jeremy’s dad, lost his leg from the knee down in the Vietnam War. This was just one more thing for us to bond over, we were able to confide in one another and speak about our similarities in life. Since our fathers were disabled, they stayed at home and watched movies and television quite a bit, and we in turn, developed a passion for movies as well. Almost every weekend, we would get together, and my dad would take us to see some rated-r movie that we probably shouldn’t have been seeing, but we did anyway. It was at the point where if I wasn’t at his house, he was at mine. For quite some time, we were inseparable but that all changed. In this essay, I will be discussing the theory I have chosen to interpret my friendship with Jeremy, an explanation of the theory and how it evaluates our friendship, and what we could have done to change the outcome. To evaluate my friendship with Jeremy, I have chosen the…

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