The Impact Of Western Imperialism On Western Countries Essay

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Economically, western imperialism ultimately led to develop¬ment of industry in both Asia and Africa. The various imperialist powers set up industries in their colonies to make profits and consequently pave the way for the future industrialization of their colonies. In addition, imperialist powers also established certain industries in these colonies to make quick profits and fully exploit the local resources. Imperialist powers also exploited their colonies in order to stimulate the global economy and trade. By importing raw materials at the cheapest possible rates and exporting the finished products at exorbitant rates, imperial powers boosted their economies. However, this policy of systematic exploitation resulted in the draining of native wealth and greatly contributed to poverty, starvation and backwardness of the colonies, as the natural wealth of these colonies was funneled back to the imperial powers. Ultimately, Western countries established the beginning of a global economy in which the transfer of goods, money, and technology needed to be regulated in an orderly way to ensure a continuous flow of natural resources and cheap labor for the industrialized world. The negative impacts of western imperialism of Asia and Africa had a variety of social and cultural consequences. Imperialism adversely affected the religions of the local people because the Europeans encouraged the local population to embrace Christianity by offering them certain material benefits.…

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