The Impact Of United Arab Emirates: The Mall Of The World

United Arab Emirates is a country full of promise and constant growth. There are always new projects and technologies popping up, and a lot of these projects aim to be “the biggest ______ in the world”. One of the issues faced by United Arab Emirates is the fact that oil will eventually run out. Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has spent the past two years working to turn his city into one that doesn’t revolve around petrodollars, UAE’s form of currency (Jennings). He wants to help his city by building the world’s three largest artificial islands, known as the Palm Islands. This is a very business-savvy thing to do. Sheikh Mohammed saw that his country’s oil supply is dwindling, and he chose to do something about it and …show more content…
Located in Al Sufouh district, the temperature-controlled pedestrian city aims to be the new heart of Dubai (Mall of the World: Unbelievable, but True). According to the mall’s website, the Mall of the World will occupy about 8 million square feet, have a temperature-controlled covered retail street network, have the largest indoor family theme park in the world, and have a wellness district providing wellness and rejuvenation services to guests among many other features (Mall of the World: Unbelievable, but True). The mall plans to host over 180 million visitors every year. When talking about the Mall of the World, Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said “We announced recently that we plan to transform Dubai into a cultural, tourist and economic hub for the two billion people living in the region around us; and we are determined to achieve our vision” (Mall of the World: Unbelievable, but True). It is a great move for UAE, specifically Dubai, to want to become a very tourist-friendly city. People constantly travel all over the world to places they’ve never been, or they revisit cities that they loved. Dubai wants to attract both types of travellers, and they want to give them the most luxurious travel experiences possible. Dubai is even home to the world’s only seven-star hotel! United Arab Emirates is a country of visions; they are always looking into ways to better their country and live the best possible lives they can. They do so by constructing theme parks, hotels, and even creating their own islands. They like to build places that are very convenient for others to travel to. For example, the Mall of the World is going to be it’s own city, where people don’t have to rent a car to leave and get anything; they can eat, shop, and stay all within the same 7 kilometers or so. The Mall of the World wants to cater to its guests, and it wants them to have a leisurely experience

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