Syrian Refugees Crisis Research Paper

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What can be done to handle the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Germany caused by their open door policy? Over the past five years Germany has absorbed many Syrian refugees, and as a result, the country is experiencing a multitude of challenges that have several possible solutions. Each possible solution can have a direct impact on Germany’s social, economical and/or political status. If the strategies implemented to combat the Syrian influx work, the results will limit the negative impact of the refugee crisis in Germany. Ever since the civil war in Syria started in 2012 it has adversely affected the Syrian people and forced most of the citizens to flee their homeland for other countries around the world. Germany allowed many refugees to seek asylum …show more content…
The main party that is opposing the refugees is the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West. Their reasoning for this is that they do not want anymore refugees to enter the country illegally. The main goal of this group is to protest against anything related to the religion of Islam. This extreme right wing party is known for “anti-Muslim protests drawing as many as 8,000-10,000 participants”. (TRAC).This group clearly does not supported the Syrian Refugees if they are an anti- muslim group since most of the Syrian refugees practice the religion of Islam. They also support anti -immigration into Europe. In addition another group in Germany that is also against immigration into Europe is called Alternative for Germany. This group is also against the religion of Islam as well. Alternative for Germany has adopted a couple of slogans associated with being against the German establishment, which has roots to the era of Nazi Germany. With these two groups in Germany there is clearly a problem with certain members of the German public and their negative interactions with the large amount of Syrian refugee in Germany. An example of how the group acts in that the group mentions “There is no room for Muslim practices and beliefs that go against "the free, democratic social foundation, our laws and the Judaeo-Christian and humanistic bases of our culture”(BBC). This action proves how people in Germany are not accepting of another person’s culture in their own country just because it is different from their own. In the year 2015 it was estimated that “ 159 attacks or incidents of vandalism targeted refugee centres across Germany”(Strickland). These actions taken by the German people could be considered a hate crimes against the Syrian refugees . It also clearly demonstrates that there is a racial divide

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