Violence And Corruption In The Middle East

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The ongoing violence and corruption in the Middle East Mostly from the Syrian civil war has resulted in 200,000 innocent people lives and has encouraged thousands of people to flee their country in search of protection and peace. Most refugees flee from Syria and Afghanistan to European countries that sometimes welcomes them, but other times they are horribly mistreated. How they are treated usually depends on what country they arrive in, what the countries government can afford to provide for them, and how citizens react to how they are treated. Few European countries like Sweden and Denmark have accepted the most asylum applicants in Europe and many people out of pity choose to help them out by providing them with food and other supplies …show more content…
In the beginning some countries were accepting a few, but then the amount of refugees arriving got too large for the countries control. Only a few countries are generous enough to accept them countries like Sweden and Denmark have demonstrated they care for them by accepting them. Greece has also had the opportunity at helping refugees, but as it states in an article published by The New Yorker written by Jenny Nordberg titled “Europe’s crises of conscious.” That “the European union has sent Greece emergency funds to help refugees, but Greek authorities have resisted setting up proper reception facilities because they fear that attractive conditions to refugees will encourage more to risk the journey.”(Nordberg, 2015) Greece has already seen as many as 160,000 landing on its shores this year and that number is expected to rise in the coming months. Countries that have not been as generous to asylum seekers have been Hungary, Ireland, Spain, and Poland and often the armed guards from these countries try to prevent refugees from nearing European embassies where they will be able to apply for asylum and have violated many of their human rights. Ten thousand people have been estimated to arrive in European countries in a single day and because of that the European Union has been trying to avoid granting refugees benefits by making it …show more content…
These restrictions cause refugees to look like criminals in a scholarly article written by Christina Boswell titles “The External Dimension of EU immigration and asylum policy” Boswell explains that because of government restrictions refugees lives are endangered even more. Boswell states: “Measures to restrict illegal entry and stay have driven migrants and refugees to use more dangerous routes to enter Europe, forcing many to employ the services of smuggling or trafficking networks.” (Boswell, Pg.619) Due to their suffering some European countries have created government organizations such as the “Refugee Convention” That was developed after World War 2 to protect and provide for migrants and now they cannot afford to provide for thousands of people that continue to come in seeking asylum. The problem with theses government organizations is that they only provide temporary protection and not all of the countries are on board with these kinds of programs because they believe they will attract more migrants. Although Hungary is a country that tends to abuse refugees many Hungarian citizens have volunteered to provide them with things like baby formula and blankets which will also help protect them from violent government

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