Should There Be Syrian Refugees Essay

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I think that we shouldn’t let a lot of Syrian refugees in America because we don’t know if they are a part of any group or not. Some of the refugees could be a part of ISIS and we would never know. Just because they are Syrian refuges though, doesn’t make them a part of ISIS, it just leads to some concern with people, states, and the government in America. I don’t want to take the chance of having ISIS members in America, (if we don’t already have any), it is just more people that could join, get hurt, or even killed in America. That’s why I think that America shouldn’t allow any Syrians in to America.
Obama wants to let 10,000 Syrians in to America, and he already has, the government has stationed refugees all across America, some even in Missouri, Many people in America greatly disagree, they don’t like that the Syrians are already here. Especially the republicans. Almost every republican wants to make the Syrians leave, and to also stop new ones from entering, some republicans want to let only Christians in, like Ted Cruz and Jeb bush, who said to ‘‘take in Christians, not Muslims’’, and to let them enter in the united states, but even that is dangerous, just because they are Christian, doesn’t mean that they are not terrorists. People who have the Muslim religion
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There are very few states that welcome refugees, and only a handful of states that are neutral on the subject.
Many Syrians have left their country to pursue safety and freedom.The refugees flee to neighboring countries, in an attempt to survive. In their neighboring countries, they have refugee camps set up set up, that is where the Syrian refugees stay, but as more refugees enter those countries, those camps become even more and more crowded. Sooner or later, the neighboring countries will probably not accept Syrians anymore, if it gets too overcrowded

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