The Impact Of The Reformation Essay

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Argumentative Essay
For centuries, great minds have examined the debate on the impact of the Reformation, Scientific Advancement and Explorers between the 16th and 18th centuries. Many events occurred, such as, the Reformation against the Roman Catholic Church popes which changed a lot of religions and peoples thoughts about the Roman Catholic Church. All of these events contributed to the idea that reformation and religion are better than scientific revolution and explorers. Thus reformation and religion is the most important period of time because there were a lot of changes that went on with the reformation that has changed the religion of people today, because Jesus Christ was really the first Martin luther he wanted the Romans and Jewish churches to change its ways. Also Martin Luther attacked the Roman Catholic Church and launched the 95 thesis that went everywhere which the pipes did not like.
Indeed, supporters of the reformation and religion believe that Jesus Christ was really the first Martin Luther , he wanted the Roman and Jewish churches to change their wayss. In his text/lecture “ Jesus Christ” by “Scala/Art resource” argues that Jesus Christ ministry was strongly opposed by the Pharisees because of his interest in the poor and his criticism of hypocrisy within the Jewish community.(Source) “encyclopedia Britannica”. Based upon this research, it is clear that reform in existing religions is significant because these are the starting religions,…

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